CKK 033 - 2012 - CD / LP

Mastering : Benshon Beerbaum

Artwork : Daily Vacation

Released 19 October 2012



CD    7 €

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1    Out of the box, into the dark

2    Dawn at the lagoon

3    Circles

4    Masonic Street

5    Yumaque

6    El Café

7    The sky was the sea, a sunday morning

8    Bitch, let's get trashed

9    Acid Texas Motorcycle

10  Palm Desert Rotor


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Twist and Sound

Which brings us to serving two of your daily melancholy. While Daily Vacation in name might evoke the now-countless outfits in the U.S. that take their titles from expressions of leisure, in sound they’re more about drive than slack. The trio’s first album  Yumaque devotes equal time to rail-pounding krautrock momentum as it does to wide-eyed post-rock awe. The LP’s title track lets bubbly waves of guitars wash over a drone that revolves like the secret voice of mountains. This isn’t shoegaze; it’s sky-gaze. It’s the sound of burning your eyes on the sun.


LP    12 € 


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