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1    Modern Day

2    Reflecter

3    Overcast

4    Frozen Sea

5    Skyward

6    Remote

7    Astral Bender

8    Climatic

9    Gaze in Wonder


Can you hear the music

Magic rpm

Records are better than people

The drone

Formed in 2007, the electronic project of Sebastien Laas has continued to evolve into experimental shoegaze riffs, reverb-drenched fuzzy guitars and hypnotic bass lines. Following in the line of My Bloody Valentine, Jesus & Mary Chain, Joy Division or Spacemen 3, Seb's first LP in 2010 is an achievement he still feels quite proud of today. Always staying instrumental with mantra-sculptured structures, CYCLORAMA / easily merges the electronic project with the sounds of an amplified rock band complete with vintage guitars and the organic yet mechanically precise drums of Pit Reyland, who joined the band in 2009, followed by Yves Stephany on bass. This results in the recording of the amazing "Soundwave EP", released in October 2011. After a series of concerts until 2012 Seb decides to have a break and concentrate on writing an album that would reflect the true soul of CYCLORAMA /. From more than 15 compositions, where Seb dived into his deepest inspiration, 9 pieces were chosen for the album "Astral Bender", released by Chez Kito Kat Records and recorded with Pit Reyland on drums.



Astral Bender

CKK 045 - 2014 - CD / LP

Released december 5th 2014