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1    220   

2    Spring

3    Cobalt

4    Raw Elements

5    Modifiers

6    From P.A. (digital only)

7    Hexagonal (digital only)

MrBios's second EP published by Chez.Kito.Kat Records, «  Color Slide  » is designated more «  house/techno  » than is predecessor «  cluster  », the first somber and dub work of the french published in 2012.

Color Slide Ep is the first Vinyl Record by Mr Bios. The new work rediscovers electronic influences of nothern europe and from germany (Pole, Monolake, Efdemin...). That at dear to the french collector of vintage analog synthesizers.

It's an ideal soundtrack for the «  before  » or «  after  » on a club weekend in Berlin  !

mr bios

Color Slide

CKK 052 - 2015 - LP

All tracks By Mr Bios AKA Christophe Biache

Artwork Denis Braun

Master vinyle Mathieu Berthet

Released october 2015