Crédit photo : Marc Hauser


From the year 2003 on, Ralph Zeimet aka Jerry Baldrian started producing quite obscure and introverted bedroom electronica under the moniker "fracture". Whereas the first - and most experimental fracture album to date - "Gloss" appeared 2005 on the enigmatic french net label CJC Records, the definitely more poppy and accessible follow-up "Greed & Grudge" came out, one year later, on its paris-based sister label "LEEP Records". The latter, physically released in a 100-cdr-copy-edition quickly handed out and the distinctive "fracture sound" started being spread around,  massively boosted by then-rising myspace-hype.

First solo performances in France and Luxembourg slowly contributed to the project's local notoriety, and from 2007 on, Zeimet's musical focus, formerly dominated by british idm and ambient music, started shifting towards the harsher sounds of noise rock. 2008 "Radiotrauma" perfectly shows the rising role of e-guitars and analog sound textures. A logical next step was the addition of soulmate and "myspace friend" Sebastian Laas, now mastermind and guitarist of the shoegaze band Cyclorama. Working as a duo enhanced seriously the musical possibilities of both artists, on later releases and, mostly, at live gigs. Both have always been attracted to perform in more uncommon live settings, as prove several performances in museums, art galleries or even on radio broadcast live shows.

In 2009, the SCHNURSTRAX - powered release-party of the very kraut- and "shoegaze rock"-inspired "We Dare You, Wonder" album at Exit07 sees them sharing the stage with Luxembourg's surf rock all-stars Surf Me Up Scotty!, french analog electronics duo Komparce, electro-dj Readydot and the experimental peruvian artist Tomas Tello. This really crowded gig firstly showed a broader audience that there might be some spiritual alchemy happening between both musicians, and that their were probably more good things to follow. Mike Tock, former drummer of Metro, Clark Kent and The Filthy Needles, was in that audience too, and was enjoying it enough to approach them right after the gig to jam together. After numerous experiments, instrument switches, mind-blowing loud rehearsals and a fundamental sound mutation, Mike became officially the third member and Fracture was clearly about to become a real "rock n' roll" band.

From 2010 to 2011, the band toured through the country's probably biggest and smallest venues with psychedelic DIY-video screenings and simultaneously continued writing on new music for an eventually upcoming album. Unfortunately, their gloomy, chaotic and very intense live sound was rather complicated to narrow down to a more focussed album approach, frustration and personal setbacks appeared and the band slowly began questioning about its future. By the end of 2011, the band decided to change, once more, its musical approach and style. By shifting towards more edgy and decipherable song-structures and varying arrangements and instrumentations, their formerly dark and claustrophobic sound brightened progressively up. A name change seemed to symbolize the best that radical shift.

Daily Vacation was born. So were Jerry Baldrian, Jimmy Ginseng and Freddy Fennel.

As the name suggests, there might be some slight influence of the chill-wave movement.Thus, it was no surprise to see all songs created over the last 3 years being revamped, if not re-recorded. The new vibe in the band curiously seemed to boost thoroughly the creativity and productivity of the band. A few weeks later, Cyclorama and former Metro bassist Yves Stephany aka Plastic Pedestrian assisted them throughout the whole drum recording and mixing processes. This collaboration and the band's very natural ability to combine lush electronic soundscapes with catchy garage riffing are mainly responsible for the album's fresh and distinctive sound.

In October 2012, Daily Vacation will release their first proper album under the new band name on the french label ChezKitoKat Records. It will be named "Yumaque" and will probably feature their best and most ambitious work to date.


On les connaissait sous le doux nom de FRACTURE. Démarré en tant que projet electronica solo, Ralph Zeimet se montre particulièrement prolifique à partir de 2003. Des premiers bidouillages naîtront deux albums bien antagonistes, le mélodieux "Plasma" et le très expérimental « Gloss », sorti sur le label français CJC. Un virage plus pop se fera sentir sur le successeur, « Greed & Grudge » sorti sur le netlabel parisien LEEP Records. Fin 2007,  Zeimet commence à s’intéresser de plus en plus aux sonorités rock, en particulier le rock noise et shoegaze des SONIC YOUTH respectivement MY BLOODY VALENTINE. Le prochain opus "Bipolarism" sortira sur le netlabel "SCHNURSTRAX Records" qu'il a fondé la même année avec la vision et la volonté de collaboration avec d'autres musiciens aux instruments plus "classiques". Progressivement, Sebastian Laas (CYCLORAMA) et Mike Tock (ex-METRO) se joignent à l’aventure, faisant de FRACTURE un vrai groupe de rock & roll aux références "kraut" de plus en plus accentuées.

Fin 2011, un changement de nom est devenu indispensable, étant donnera métamorphose radicale dans le processus créatif ainsi que dans la couleur du son. D’où DAILY VACATION. Là où FRACTURE proposait un prog-rock de plus en plus sinueux et menaçant, DAILY VACATION travaille dans l’épure, privilégiant des structures plus « travaillées » et des textures moins brutes, plus recherchées. Côté influences visuelles, on peut souligner le pseudo-genre de « chillwave » ou encore les compositions paisibles d'un Jon Wozencroft (photo-graphiste du label TOUCH) cimenté par des clichés teintés d'escapisme et divulgué méticuleusement à travers le blog du groupe.

Dans leurs plus récents morceaux, les nuances résolument estivales et légères se voient contrebalancées par des moments d'introversion sombre et profonde. Le groupe a osé jongler avec ses références très diverses tout en réussissant à  se créer une propre niche sonore dans l'intersection des spectres electronica dansante et rock indépendant. La production de leur premier album a été assurée par Yves Stephany aka PLASTIC PEDESTRIAN pour un résultat étonnant mais percutant qui mélange guitares surf-garage, plages électroniques élégiaques et moments "motorik" compulsifs.


18/05/2013    Daily Vacation@Food for your Sens Festival - Luxembourh