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ambient, drone, field recording & soundscape



Have you ever listened to ambient in surround sound? Cocooned in soothing textures, repetitive sound patterns like heartbeats to your eardrums, it’s wonderfully womblike. The genre has been described as sonic wallpaper, the layered audio evoking an atmosphere or mood without demanding attention. In this way ambient, and its sister genre drone, reward both active and passive listening. And as ASMR fans will testify, the rewards can be skin-tinglingly amazing. It was this electric appeal that led Tom Reger to establish his burgeoning ambient/drone project antilophobia. 



« The Luxembourgian artist and live performer released his first physical album, Archive, on French-Canadian label Chez.Kito.Kat records. At 70 minutes long, it’s not so much a static wallpaper as it is a beautiful evolving structure, built for relaxed exploring. Track names such as ‘Theatre of Consciousness’ and ‘The Universe Shall Guide Us’ couldn’t be more telling of Tom’s philosophy. »

Catalyst Berlin