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At the boundaries of ambient, electro dub and minimal techno



Mr Bios is Christophe Biache’s solo project. He is an active collaborator of the record label Chez Kito Kat, also member of Binary & Dyslexic and Komparce, and a former musician. Christophe Biache initiated his Mr Bios project as a DJ in the mid-90s, an experience that naturally led him to start creating his own material, swapping turntables for analogue synthesizers. At the boundaries of ambient, electro dub and minimal techno, Mr Bios imagines a rich and subtle music, combining synthetic strings, analogue bass and percussive groove.



Biache has transformed his own tunes into rich textured layers that are tangible to the ears. His minimalistic and organic approach takes paths down the melancholic sides of music by incorporating ambient effects, droning, deep bass, and modest percussion. – Earmilk

Each of its seven seasoned cuts exposes a slightly different facet of the Mr Bios persona, with the material variously drawing from minimal techno, dub, house, and jazz. Assembled using analogue synthesizers and filled with synthetic strings, ambient textures, and percussive detail, Biache’s material impresses as both polished and sophisticated. – Textura

Une petite pépite de house electronica dubby, regorgeant de rythmiques lumineuses et de réverbes dansantes, de touches jazzy et de soubresauts millimétrés, de textures soyeuses et minimales majestueuses. – Silence & Sound

Atmosphérique et planant, Mr Bios compose de l’électro minimaliste, riche et subtile. Cluster s’écoute à merveille allongé le casque vissé sur les oreilles, les yeux fermés. Grande classe.- Desinvolt