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uplifting experimental soundscapes, minimal techno, deep house



Quan’s expertise designing and operating modular synthesizers delivers a musical palette that jumps between uplifting experimental soundscapes, minimal techno, and deep house. A prominent figure in the development of Vietnam’s experimental electronic music scene, the spontaneous revisions to his live, ever-evolving improvised performances provide an endlessly varied alternative to traditional loop-structured song formats.

Before the turn to electronic sonics, Quan played in rock and metal bands throughout his youth, earning a degree in Jazz guitar from the Vietnam National Music Academy in 2011. While conceiving an improvised electronic live set using a home-made modular setup, he connected with the DomDom collective in 2013—Vietnam’s first interdisciplinary centre devoted to experimental music, which catapulted him to country-wide music festivals and performances. In 2016, he began a residency at Hanoi’s Savage Club, one of Asia’s foundational hubs for international underground techno, and became the first Vietnamese artist showcased on a frenetic Boiler Room live set. Quan’s 2019 debut on Indigenous Electronic showcases five radiant cuts of hypnotic, slowly mutating techno, emitting the glowing warmth of an artist hitting their stride.