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experimental electronic drift



SEMLEH is a duet composed of artists Julien Louvet (The Austrasian Goat) and Ana Servo (Mona Servo). Both from the underground scene, they develop together and in semi-improvisation soundscapes borrowing from futurism, occultures and other invented mythologies. Following a first creative residency hosted at the Embobineuse in Marseille in February 2018, SEMLEH released two digital albums, Orchestre deux pièces pour cataclysme non avenus and Trois demi journées sans fenêtre et du sel dans les yeux, and an original composition on the experimental film Derek Jarman’s In the Shadow of the Sun, played in a cine-concert at Videodrome 2 the same year. In 2019, they played on a reconstructed version of “La coquille et le clergyman” by Germaine Dulac during Locomotion Festival (Nancy). In 2020, they released two tapes: “Lava/Saliva” (Chez.Kito.Kat) and “Archipels » (Tanzprocecz)



inter-regional occultism. the machines on the number 666 altar. ambiance music for ambiance people. Animal psi

Cette exploration sonore presque aussi apaisante que brutale nous marque au fer rouge avec ses percussions écrasantes. Mes enceintes font défaut