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a weird fusion of house, pop, disco, and synthwave



The 50-something Kuston Beater, whose real name is Christophe Peiffer, is a French freelance graphic designer living in Luxembourg. After a first opus published in 2011 on Chez.Kito.Kat Records and a second in 2019, you’d be tempted to say that he is not very prolific. But you should know that this guy has been working restlessly in the meantime, with DJ sets in support of internationally renowned artists and a slew of productions, remixes, and collabs, edited in a DIY way. His parsimonious discography lies in his perpetual insatisfaction and a strong propensity to procrastinate..



Kuston Beater manie visiblement aussi bien l’auto-dérision que la digestion d’influences, brassant abstract hip-hop, IDM, trip-hop sans oublier quelques pointes de lyrisme presque orchestral. 
Indie Rock Mag

Étonnante fusion entre la house, le disco et le synthwave. Une alchimie dont seul Kuston Beater connait les secrets et qui nous charme par sa légèreté et sa profondeur. Tout est à point sur ce disque, les moments plus calmes vous feront vibrer tout autant que l’euphorie des morceaux dansants.
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